About Me

Flaming-Tech is my own company that I’ve been running since 2009 the name came about after hearing people including myself swearing at tech be it the Printer, P.C or the laptop. I’ve worked with computers since 1995, originally with Macintosh and then with Microsoft machines around 2001. I realised there’s more than just set up or repair when it comes to devices, there’s a learning curve for the individual. Devices, peripherals, tablets or phones aren’t intuitive  and many people only use the very basics and sometimes struggle at that. So other than set up and repairs I also consult and take people through the best use of a device or specific home or office set up.

I work on Apple Mac, Microsoft P.C and Linux, iPhone and Android devices.

I repair what I can and very into recycling, upcycling older tech.  P.C’s and Laptops, phones and tablets vary repair wise as some are very tricky to disassemble/ reassemble and discrete components un repairable making the unit unrepairable without or without very specialised equipment unrepairable or just plain unrepairable which is becoming more common sadly.

I will be soon putting up a ballpark pricing system to begin with to give you an idea of what certain repairs will cost, but until then please don’t hesitate to contact me, you can contact via email in the contact section and I will help with any inquiries.

Me hard at work.

Hard at work photo